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Siemens Analytical Instruments is a leading supplier of Continuous analyzers, chromatographs and process gas analysis systems. Used for the determination of gas mixtures concentrations in various processes of Petrochemical Industry, Cement Plants, Air Gases, Heat Treatment, Energy Generation, Chemical Industry ensuring reliability in measurements.

Chromatograph Maxum Edition II
The MAXUM II is designed for demanding applications in the chemical, petrochemical and refineries. The selection of columns and detectors allows a highly sensitive and selective analysis of various process components. It has the concept of flexible analysis allowing single and dual oven configurations, parallel chromatography breaking a simple analysis in multiple analyzes. Architecture with Ethernet TCP / IP for communication with personal computers or process control systems.

Chromatograph Micro SAM
The Micro SAM brings a new dimension to the industry - compact, powerful and versatile. This equipment explosion proof, measures up to 3 streams of samples and calibration stream. You can install multiple Micro SAMS at different points of the plant, integrating them into a complete network analyzers. This means that it can also be connected to the Maxum II allowing the analysis of several streams simultaneously.

Chromatograph Sitrans CV
Sitrans CV is a consequence of the advancement chromatographs micro process based on MEMS technology to the calorific value (CV / BTU). The analyzer can be used in rough environments due to its strong and compact composition. His multiple analysis and online functions opens up new possibilities, and deliver results in a shorter time. This chromatograph provides all natural gas information and its physical properties such as calorific value and density.

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