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Our laboratories are prepared and certified to meet the services demands throughout the Brazilian and Latin American market. We meet the requirements for the standards IEC 17025 and traceability RBC-INMETRO.

Flow Laboratories (traceable to RBC-INMETRO)
• Liquid and Gas Flowmeter Calibration;
• Repair Flow Meters from all manufacturers;
• Installation, Commissioning and Training field.

Analytical Laboratory (traceable to RBC-INMETRO and homologated by SiemensGermany)
• Gases and liquids Analyzers Calibration
• Gases and liquids Analyzers Rental
• Repair of gas analyzers and liquids from all manufacturers
• Installation, Commissioning and Training field

Dew Point Analyzers Laboratory (traceable to NIST)
• Dew Point Analyzer Calibration
• Field Measurement Services Report issue
• Repair Dew Point Analyzers from all manufacturers
• Installation, Commissioning and Training field.

Electronics Laboratory (Traceable to RBC / INMETRO)
• Instrument Calibration traceable to RBC / INMETRO
• Instrument Repair all manufacturers


The ISOCELL team is enabled to carry out training for all instruments series that we work with. We also offer decommissioning and Start Up services for all instruments sold by our company. Our team includes engineers and trained technicians with our partners and with experience in Instrumentation and Analytics, able to support the needs of our customers regarding the installation, calibration and/or Training.

• Flowmeters (gas and liquids)
• Gas and Liquid analyzers
• Gas Detectors and Flames
• Measurement Analyzers Dew Point (Dew Point)
• Sampling Systems
• Gas Analysis Systems

The ISOCELL team is qualified and trained to perform some specialized field designed to meet some immediate needs in various types of process where it is not possible to remove and / or instruments of installation, either by process conditions and / or any other difficulty . In some cases are sporadic measurements that prevent the installation of instruments in cost function and implications for its installation.

These specialized services aims to present an immediate solution,
easy installation and accurate results. We have calibrated and certified instruments with traceability that allow us to generate and provide our customers with the results serving international standards requirements.

• Commissioning of Gas Analysers and Chromatographs from several brands;

• Flow measurement for liquids in pipes ½ "up to 200" with Meters;
Ultrasound Clamp ON nonintrusive. Report presentation second EPA-USA;
• Testing of pumps Fire and Cooling Systems;
• Analysis of gases (oxygen, CO, CO2, Dew Point);
• Leakage Detection Gases Measurement or Confined Space;
• Analysis of Gases for Air Emissions;
• Analysis of Gas Heat Treatment.


Our Application Engineering has a technical-commercial structure relationship with our customers, seeking to tailor each product to your specific process. We assess the client process, getting all the information necessary for the specification of high performance equipment for the application. We have a qualified team to provide all necessary technical support.

• Visit Technical and Commercial;
• Survey Process parameters and measurements in the field;
• Reporting Issue and Memorials calculation;
• Equipment Specification;
• Data Sheet Issue;
• Preparation of Drawings and Technical Documentation;
• Basic designs and details.


The ISOCELL team is empowered to carry out projects in Instrumentation and Analytical Area. Develop systems according to the needs of each client, "Revamp" change and specification of new gas and Liquid Analysis Systems.

Our team is in the market since 1998 developing and presenting solutions for industries from various segments. We have a partnership with Siemens since 2000 in the Analytical Instrumentation division, where we are able to perform integrations and development of Analytic Systems that will be supplied by Siemens for the entire Brazilian market.

We have been certified by Siemens Germany as a Solution Partner. In addition, our Analytical Laboratory is certified by Siemens to perform Warranty services and Technical Assistance for the entire series of Analyzers and Process Chromatographs.

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