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Siemens Analytical Instrumentation is a leading supplier of continuous analyzers, chromatographs and process gas analysis systems. Used for the determination of gas mixtures concentrations in various processes of Petrochemical Industry, Cement Plants, Air Gases, Heat Treatment, Energy Generation, Chemical Industry ensuring reliability in measurements.

OXYMAT 61/64

Both are oxygen analyzers with paramagnetic technology / ZIRCONIA OXIDE able to perform measurements in percentage or oxygen traces. Ideal for petrochemical industries and air separation plants.


This is an infrared low cost analyzer that measures up to three gases sensitive to this technology. Through an electrochemical or paramagnetic cell, it is able to perform oxygen measurements. It may optionally be configured to measure H2S . An ideal equipment for monitoring applications of atmospheric emissions, biogas plants, burning optimization furnaces, and air monitoring in rooms.


Analyzers for measurements in demanding processes. Offers 19" housing options for hazardous areas. Allows measurements up to four components on a single source of infrared emission and for use in broadcast applications and process controls even in the presence of highly corrosive gases.


Used for Hydrocarbons Total content measurements (THC) the FIDAMAT analyzers meet almost all requirements, from the detection of traces of hydrocarbons in pure gases, to total measurement of high hydrocarbon concentrations, even in the presence of corrosive gases.


These thermal conductivity analyzers is designed for measuring hydrogen concentrations in inert gases such as blast furnace gas, carbon dioxide mixtures may be used for H2 measurements, Cl2, HCl or NH3 in Binary gas mixtures .

LDS 6 / SL

These "in-situ" analyser have a laser diode capable of measuring several types of gases even under extreme conditions. Can be used at temperatures up to 1200 ° C or much higher particular concentrations. Measure concentrations of O2, O2 and temperature, NH3, HCl, HF and H2O, CO or CO2 in flue gas in the Cement Industry, Energy, Paper and Metals.

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