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The SCOTT Gas Detectors incorporate components and common user interface in an infrared detection system.

FREEDOM 6000 - Fuel or Toxic Gas Transmitter
The universal transmitter Freedom 6000 detects toxic and combustible gases and incorporates a fixed gas detection system with modular components and a common user interface, simplifying maintenance and reducing the costs associated with the fixed gas detection.

Fuel Gas Transmitters - Freedom Direct Detector
Reduce inventory and installation costs associated with multi-point gas detection in all facilities. Specifically designed to detect combustible gases, using the technology, infrared or catalytic.

Meridian - Universal Gas Detector
The Universal Gas Detector is the ultimate innovative last generation gas detection solution.

Toxic Gas Transmitters - Freedom 5000
The toxic gas Freedom 5000 transmitter is a general purpose transmitter low cost 4-20mA signal transmission.

SafEye System
The SafEye system detects the presence of both flammable gases as toxic in open areas. Protected against reading gas and false alarms allowing greater confidence in the application.

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