The Detcon Gas Detectors incorporate components and common user interface in an infrared detection system.

Models Series 700 Detcon are a new generation of intelligent sensor modules that incorporate and integrate several leading edge improvements. The sensors are specifically designed for extreme and raw locations. This new and higher level of environmental durability in sensor includes an exterior electro-polished 316 stainless steel, circuit protection multilayer transients, besides having an encapsulation 100% electronic. The electronic sensor is completely protected and immune to water and corrosion. The sensor elements are pluggable components can be easily

replaced in the field. Interface operator non-intrusively through a small tactile magnet. Configuration and routine calibration intuitive and guided by the menu with fully encrypted instructions. Sensor status is shown in a coupled alphanumeric LED display. Intelligent sensor modules Series 700 feature dual redundant outputs, a linear analog signal 4-20 milliamp and a serial output Modbus RS-485.

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